Mr. Sunil Sahu, Marketing Manager for the KOEL brand, walks us through the
strategy and execution that established and strengthened KOEL electric
pumps in 2018-19.
Mr. Sahu explained that to meet the objective of establishing KOEL pumps,
they would have to take the brand through three stages, namely the
awareness stage, considered option stage and preferred brand stage. In the
last year, the marketing team’s focus was to increase reach with a multi-pronged approach
in order to the build awareness. Some notable achievements were:
•5000 counters branded with retailer boards, flanges, danglers and posters at very low cost
•1200 tent sale activities conducted
•Much appreciated social media content developed to connect with brand’s target group
•Aggressive digital campaigning done in UP, Maharashtra, West Bengal and Rajasthan
•100 new dealers appointed to boost sales
•Successfully executed a national distributor conference (details on p.2)
•Heroes of no-compromise, a programme to motivate field force
•New markets entered into, namely Rajasthan, West Bengal and Mumbai
Today, KOEL electric pumps has gained a presence at over 32000 retailer outlets and has
gained a reputation for no-compromise performance and service.