KOEL or Kirloskar Oil Engines Limited has spread its wings wide in the farming and irrigation sector with a wide variety of machinery and equipment needed for irrigation. Alternators for irrigation are one such very popular products and come in 3 series, varieties.

  • Aluminium Body Series
  • Brawny Series
  • Brushless Series

There is a huge variety of alternator models available under each series. These alternators for irrigation systems are most efficient and have compact and durable designs. They are self regulated and have an excitation system which is simple and runs smoothly. These high performance alternators are easy to maintain and we at KOEL provide individual parts availability for repair or replacement.
The rotating parts are very well balance and hence giving optimum performance. Our brushless series has 3 phase sensing mechanism and also gives highest efficiency in its performance as it contains silicon alloy. Our Brawny series alternators have heavy duty carbon brushes and hence give optimum performance. The Aluminium series high performance alternators have a longer life because they have minimum wear and tear during their functioning.
Choose from our wide range of products under each of our series as per your farming and irrigation requirements. We not only commit good quality products, we deliver them too.

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