Farming without a pump set is almost impossible and hence KOEL brings to you a long variety of diesel engine pump sets serving various purposes in the farms. These pump sets can be of two types

  • Self Priming
  • Non-Self Priming

Both these pump types have multiple models manufactured with air cooling or water cooling options. We manufacture both kinds and help make your irrigation problems simpler. A diesel engine water pump for irrigation is the best solution for a flourishing farm and we make pumps as per your irrigation requirements.

An agriculture diesel water pump will ensure that water is provided to your fields in the right pressure so that each section of the land receives the correct amount of water. For this we manufacture diesel engine water pump sets with various HP and you can choose a model with the HP that you need to distribute water in your fields. KOEL strives towards meeting requirements of small and large farmers and hence making their day to day work simpler.

We also strive to provide the best diesel engine pump set price to all users and our value for money products make us the most trusted manufacturers of agriculture diesel water pumps.

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