KOEL is known to be the largest diesel engine manufacturers, producing a large variety of diesel engines required for agricultural purposes. We offer a huge range of diesel engines required commercially, noncommercially and in small and large farms. We provide diesel engines, internationally as well, in countries like South Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

Various diesel engines falling under air cooled or liquid cooled categories are manufactured under our brand name and work with great efficiency in their respective sectors of application. Agriculture being the major sector where the air cooled diesel engines are used, is flourishing well with the use of these engines to run pumps and other irrigation and farming machinery.

Farms which have small requirement of water flow in their farm, can use our small diesel engines to run pumps to fulfill their requirement of water flow. These do not consume more power and are extremely efficient. You can choose a model as per your requirement from the options we manufacture.

With an option of selecting an electric start engine or hand start engine, we offer both the varieties in various models. This makes the engine, user friendly and easy to operate even for people who are not well versed with engines.

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