At KOEL we understand the requirement of an electric pump for household or farming purposes. Water needs to be regulated towards its requirement and nothing can do that better than the electric pumps manufactured by us.

The electric water pumps have been so designed that they give maximum output with minimum maintenance and extremely easy to use. They come with state-of-the-art bearings and capacitors which give them a long life. They have automated coil winding and hence are safe to be fitted anywhere on your property with the minimum hazard of burning. The electric water pumps are made with a terminal box which is water resistance and hence the pump remains safe from the water which it pumps. The latest CNC technology it is made with, makes it extremely reliable to use.

There are multiple uses of the portable electric water pumps we manufacture. You can use them to supply water within your residential or commercial property. Nurseries and gardens which need a regular flow of water can use these pumps for regulating water supply when and where needed.

Trust KOEL for all your electric pump needs and we deliver nothing but the premium quality products for agriculture and domestic use.

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